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Date: 17 Dec 2005

Comment: 600

Nimepitia kwa mukhtasari tuu, katika historia fupi ya Sheikh Abdullah Saleh Farsy haikutaja kuwa alipofukuzwa Zanzibar na serikali ya Karume alikwenda Kenya na kule alikabidhiwa ukadhi (Kadhi mkuu) wa nchi ya Kenye. Fanyeni utaalam zaidi. Ahsante

Date: 15 Dec 2005

Comment: 599

Revolution you say what revolution was that. Killing of innocents and destruction that followed is not worth talking about

Date: 15 Dec 2005

Comment: 598

Hi! Prompt, how to me to you to get?

[To reach the author send an email to Barghash@msn.com ]

Date: 13 Dec 2005

Comment: 597

We have been seeing beautiful photographs on Zanzibar Women etc - Congratulations and keep it up. Do you have any photos from the archives that shows how people lived and dressed in Pemba during that time. Sincere appreciation for all efforts taken to produce the site. I am touched coz I have realized that I dont belong to any place except Zanzibar & Pemba though I have been away for so long but am there regularly visiting family & the rest of my Beautiful People ................. . .

Date: 10 Dec 2005

Comment: 596

the web site makes me proud of my land,but most of these things showing in the pictures are not there any more. i went there every things look so different, new people most of them from bara sale vinyago all over town, that real sad to see people take over and distroy our home,they sleep out side and help themselve out(kwenda haja) Im out here for education, otherwise I would be there at Zanzibar, i miss home, i dont want to be in the cool place,but i have to finishing my study for another five years. it sucks!,

Date: 10 Dec 2005

Comment: 595

Comment: 588. ushachoka kuuza vinyago? au unatania

Date: 08 Dec 2005

Comment: 594


Date: 08 Dec 2005

Comment: 593

Mkapa brought enought christisns to whipped us with heavy weapons. you never see any message we us asked for help, funny thing you not real from here. we never have had black christians only hindus were here. you are from bara now start to disrespect you know what you're not the first one. because they were others just like you now they all gone, Comment: 588 we will tell our uncle [deleted] to help us too. there is one bady can stop him!

Date: 08 Dec 2005

Comment: 592

Comment: 588 yoh we welcame you here. now you want others like you to come. thats fuck up to wrote such thing no true. you are unfaithful !none hurt or hate none. unless you like to be in political. iam Christian live with those people with peace. if you tired to be here why cant you go back home i know nyerere brought us here, we no belong here. but i love to be here. more peacefull and quit place,dont start them, they will ended

Date: 05 Dec 2005

Comment: 591

Nakupa hongera kwa kazi yako nzuri sana kwa kutuelimasha na historia ya Zanzibar. Mungu akubariki.

Date: 04 Dec 2005

Comment: 590

very interesting

Date: 03 Dec 2005

Comment: 589

your "zanzibar news" section is stagnant since 18 oct 05 francis

Date: 02 Dec 2005

Comment: 588

SOS TO CHRISTIANS OF THE WORLD please come to to Zanzibar part of Tanzania and help spread the word of god. Please get organised and promote the faith.Please organise a christian pilgrimage to pemba and unguja. We Christians of Zanzibar are forgotten and suffer hate from the CUF and Arabs because we are mostly indeiginous black Africans. Please. Please, please pray for the Christians of Zanzibar. Jesus is beutiful.

Date: 01 Dec 2005

Comment: 587

Excellent website, Stonetown has almost stood still in time. Hope it can remain like that.

Date: 25 Nov 2005

Comment: 586

Hi Am George Mc Donald from Washington DC, THIS SITE IS NICE AND HELPFULL When you think Africa, Imagine Tanzania, The Land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar. It is Authentic Africa. When I was in Tanzania KILIMANJARO CROWN SAFARIS LTD, SHOWED ME all Wildlife, Ectourism and Zanzibar. See them at; www.freewebs.com/kilimanjarotanzanite. I have free advice, consult me at; georgemd2002@yahoo.com. Ask for my Photos, write to Me.

Date: 24 Nov 2005

Comment: 585

Hello, hello, nice page, keep on . Greetings ... -

Date: 19 Nov 2005

Comment: 584

This is a truly impressive and nostalgic exhibit. One can smell the cloves on the island wafting through the pages. Some of the postcards and photographs are timeless. Thank you, Murtadha Abdulrasul Khakoo Fullerton, California I believe the Hirji photo studio was in Malindi, to the east of the Malindi hotel Could that be checked out?

Date: 18 Nov 2005

Comment: 583

Looking to reunite with any veterans from the liberation war against sultan terror.

Date: 17 Nov 2005

Comment: 582

I want to thank anyone on this site that helped in reuniting my mother with her roots.. you dont know how much it meant for her to be able to meet with them again :-) its comment 149 which my mother wrote and it was a few years ago... but if you did have a part in this then... thankyou ever so much, regards and great thanks gemma (suzuki_biker_babe@hotmail.com)

Date: 10 Nov 2005

Comment: 581

I will be visiting Zanzibar in early 2006 and it was great to find such an informative web site that was not trying to sell me holidays but informing me about the place I am visiting. Thank you

Date: 09 Nov 2005

Comment: 580

the best ever site on zanzibar history and best photo collecation on web . Thanks Mohammed Abdullah . Dubai .UAE

Date: 08 Nov 2005

Comment: 579

This is a great site. We are so lucky that photography had been invented when Zanzibar was at the height of its power over slaves, African exploration, cloves and ivory Anyone interested in Zanzibar will appreciate `Zanzibar - May Allen and the East African Slave Trade` Contact Yoland Brown brownhill@eleventowns.co.uk

Date: 06 Nov 2005

Comment: 578

Unguja Island rules. CUF sucks!

Date: 05 Nov 2005

Comment: 577

I appriciate your project. It`s cool

Date: 04 Nov 2005

Comment: 576

Comment: 570 Mvumba Janga it seems that you are one of the slaves who have been served the arabs with your grand fathers long long time ago,why dont you say the truth all the money and wealth comes from arabs in znz black is black and never black to become white. if OKeLO .NYERERE and karume gave you ten shillings and brainwash your mind am here to tell you . you will remain the slave of arabs especially omanis and yemenis till the last moment of your breath HAKI SAWA

Date: 03 Nov 2005

Comment: 575

I love Zanzibar, is there any other Tanzanian destinations worth visiting? Yours, Howard Knatchbull 995 Okello Avenue Stone Town Unguja Tanzania

Date: 01 Nov 2005

Comment: 574

zanzibar is absolutely a wonder of the world... erickyejo@yahoo.com troms norway

Date: 30 Oct 2005

Comment: 573

Hi there, Just googled by Surname. Fernandes. Hmm you say, what is special about that. Well I am keen on tracing back my Fathers Roots from the days he sent growing up in/on Pemba in Wete. His parents Simon and Victoria owned and ran the Bakery. May Fathers name is Accicao his brother Xavier. If anyone has further details or any connections to my Family Id like to hear from you. my email address is benfernandes@mac.com Many thanks and this is a great site, keep it up. Ben

Date: 28 Oct 2005

Comment: 572

sam bady can sendme info of ohotos about a Persian in zanzibar. Thanks Loeyd Loeyd@hotmail.com

Date: 28 Oct 2005

Comment: 571

goed thanks

Date: 28 Oct 2005

Comment: 570

Mvumba Janga Please Arabs leave us Zanzibari people alone go back with your CUF to the deserts of Yemen and Oman and practice your primintive culture of hate against blacks there. Tanzania is Zanzibar and Zanzibar is Tanzania, just like Socotra island is Yemen. We Africans do not bother you there but you bother us here. Africans of Pemba Unguja unite! GOD BLESS TANZANIA

Date: 26 Oct 2005

Comment: 569

Dear Zanzibarian, Hope you will vote for peace and unity. Vote for CUF -Maalim Seif

Date: 24 Oct 2005

Comment: 568

zanzibar election has never been and will never be a free and fair election due to certain so called ''UPEMBA'' and ''UUNGUJA''.W E Need changes in ZANZIBAR because we are tired of the exploitation from the MAINLAND.This UNION exploits and oppress ZANZIBARIS,we want SEUF SHARRIF HAMAD to rule us,thats all.

Date: 22 Oct 2005

Comment: 567

Great Briefs of Zanzibar history. Pleae keep up the excellent job. Its my first time to see it and I'm completely impressed. Shukran!

Date: 18 Oct 2005

Comment: 566

hi people' i want to say things, about our island. i believe most of user of this website are not at Zanzibar, all i asked you to read duaa for us who still live here.we only one whom know the situation of our land goes. the gervment pay people to come hit people. they no even look if for old,young or women .they they hit every one they see at that time, bad things some of these people whom be hit are innocent, they no in siasa, help your home land,i know there's no much we can do, but if you have web site post any thing happen on it world wide, me myself, i so tire with this bull shit aruond here, if you heard coup weeks ago ,they paid one of fire engine driver drove into cuf truck.and killed three in that truck.is not only ccm do fight and even cuf are do too. we used to say Zanzibar is a peace place to visit, but if some one tell you now that is straight lie, dont agree with any one, i want to leave country right now is scaring to be here, you dont know what;s going happen next real scaring, for you zanzibaren who live out here. please dont come on these days wait at least three month, you know you dont want to end up your life now! right?

Date: 11 Oct 2005

Comment: 565

The best photographs I have seen sofar, I was born in Zanzibar and left January 1964. I visited the Island in 2001...what a difference and shock but it still has the charm. Lisa Luke.

Date: 10 Oct 2005

Comment: 564

Greetings in the name of Amen! The word ARAB means to be nomadic or to move about. this means they have no home or original land. They take whatever they want as they stroll along. We also have to look at who we classify as ARAB these days and why is it done. Europeans will say that Osama Bin Laden is a SAUDI ARAB-IAN, but actually he is a East Indian Saudi(from Saudi India) The Saudi took over and conquered Arabia. Sadam Hussein is an Ottoman Turk. You have northern ethiopians being classified as "north african caucasians". they even call actor Charlise Theron a South African just because she was born there. She is still a European/white. Nobody goes to Europe and divides the people and re-write their his-story, but of course their whole philosopy is to "divide and conquer". AMER-ICA- means to unite" UNITED states of America AFR-ICA-means to divide anuak007@yahoo.com

Date: 10 Oct 2005

Comment: 563


Date: 08 Oct 2005

Comment: 562

Ol! I'm a portuguese girl who happens to love Queen... Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar. You don't mencion it at any time in this very good site, it's a shame, I belive it's part of Zanzibar's history, right? Just like Portuguese do, and in a much better way then British! You should improve this site by puting in some more information of the early history. I study Art History and I'm sure I wont die before I visit Zanzibar! (Rita)

Portugal took possession of Zanzibar in 1503-1698, then became part of Oman in 1698.

Date: 07 Oct 2005

Comment: 561

Nawatakieni saumu ya mafinikio........mohosman104@hotmai.com

Date: 05 Oct 2005

Comment: 560

i give shut out to all Zanzibaren whom still live there .stay strong and Ishall God willing removes all such people want to distroy Zanzibar. Bless yoll

Date: 04 Oct 2005

Comment: 559

A very interesting website. A friend from Toronto suggested that I read about Zanzibar as her husband was born there. I knew nothing about Zanzibar and this has given me much knowledge and a desire to know more. Thankyou ljohns@mts.net

Date: 03 Oct 2005

Comment: 558

ZANZIBAR AND YEMEN BOTH SUFFERING UNDER ARAB INVASION AND TERROR. LINK http://www.andaman.org/book/chapter47/text47.htm A recent visitor to the Yemen (who wishes to remain anonymous) has sent us the following report. I noticed immediately that there are people there (in the Yemen) that do not resemble the Arabs in any way and that do not seem to have much to do with the Arab Yemanis even though they are part of Yemeni society. I am not an anthropologist but I think I can say with a fair degree of certainty that there are Negritos in the Yemen. I have read your description on your web-site and they alargely fit eh black-skinned Yemenis that I have see: short stature, black skin and that odd type of hair on their heads. It must be said that the Negritos in the Yemen are nto particularly noticeable because of the their short stature since the Yemeni Arabs also are not very tall (Yemeni women around 1.6 m/ 5.25 ft, men are a little taller). The Negritos are popularly called "Black Yemenis". Nobody seems to know where they come from and how long they have been in the country. Some claim that they have been brought to the Yemen as slaves at once time or another, others say that they have "always" been living there as part of the Arab population. The "Black Yemenis" are virtually all muslims. What has surprised me is the social status of these people. The "black Yemenis" are at the bottom of the Yemeni social structure and are despised as below even beggars. One also has to know that Arabs are highly racist: white skin = good/high, dark skin = bad/evil/low. Society is structured as follows: at the top are a few sheikhs and princes who hold religious as well as poltical power. The president of the republic also has to be counted here. At this level power is balanced and money distributed. Below are a few respected families abd clans who have chosen and hold their own corner within the system and exercise power there. The descendants of the last Qasimid Imam of San'a overthrown in 1962 belwong here. There is no middle class, really, except perhaps in the capital. That is why the poorer, less educated classes who form the mass of the population follow immediately below the upper classes. Within the lower classes there are many levels according to profession and skin colour.Still lover the the beggars and street vendors and at the very bottom are the "black Yemenis". These people with black skin work mostly as street sweepers and in garbage removal. Female "black Yemenis" are of prostitutes. Many live in shacks and collect their food from garbage cans. I was shocked to see how they were treated by the "light-skinned" Yemenis. I have often seen how they were beated and kicked. As to myself, I have always found them quite friendly. One incident has remained with me: I had just come back from a long trip and wanted to take my luggage from the roof of the Jeep. A "black Yemeni" passed and wanted to help me but before he could do so he was pushed aside by a light-skinned Yemeni using abusive language towards him. This new man then helped me and explained "hoa mush tamam" ("he is not a good person"). When I asked him why he said such a thing, he explained "he is black". I observed more and more that the Yemenis are afraid of the "black Yemenis" and do not want to have anything to do with them. It is very rare to see a light-skinned Yemeni married to a dark-skinned woman. This is a taboo that prevents a mixing of Arabs and "black Yemenis". Another thing I noticed: the Yemenis distinguish between black African migrants (who are also black) and "black Yemenis". There are quite a few Somalis and other Africans in the Yemen. Although they are black-skinned, too, they are treated better. TO ALL YEMENI POSTERS IS ARAB CULTURE SO PRIMITIVE. IS YOUR SOCIETY REALLY THIS BACKWARD...ARE YOU HINDUS IN DISGUISE!

Date: 03 Oct 2005

Comment: 557

Yess! Keep it up. Great pages. ;) B. Datas Itmay asitmay@gmail.com

Date: 28 Sep 2005

Comment: 556

A small unrecognised piece of history.Thank you.

Date: 27 Sep 2005

Comment: 555

Americans - Warning - DO NOT stay at the Nungwi Village Beach Resort Hotel on Zanzibar. A number of policemen have been robbing hotel safes throughout the island (see the news stories) and the hotel staff are in on it. The owners of Nungwi Village Beach Resort allowed their guests to be taken with no compensation or accepting of responsibility. STAY AWAY or bring a big gun.

Date: 27 Sep 2005

Comment: 554

Hi My name is maluwa can you please remove my postings from your site. They are being posted elsewhere. Thanks

Date: 22 Sep 2005

Comment: 553

I repect your work at your web site and thank you for this wonderful website. Pls check my website: www.geocities.jp/paradisebeachbungalows/ Saori Miura

Date: 21 Sep 2005

Comment: 552


Date: 20 Sep 2005

Comment: 551

Assalaamu Allaykum, anybody who is in Zanzibar at the moment; please contact me. I need some current informations....my e-mail is mohmoudi@hotmail.com salaaam

Date: 19 Sep 2005

Comment: 550


Date: 14 Sep 2005

Comment: 549


Date: 08 Sep 2005

Comment: 548

I loved this sight! I am so fascinated by places like Zanzibar, Egypt, Greece and Morocco...I an a U.S. citizen who lives in the Caribbean. Beautiful pictures, especially those of the women. How fascinating! I will research this country so that I may learn more. Beautiful site, fascinatingly presented! ! crcr@hotmail.com

Date: 05 Sep 2005

Comment: 547

A Zanzibari by birth so i spent hours at your site. Realy enjoyed going thru your good work. S.Tejani. maalimnajaf@cats-net.com

Date: 30 Aug 2005

Comment: 546

I am impressed by the simplicity and the pictures rekindle memory for most of us who are away from Zanzibar. Keep up the good work.

Date: 30 Aug 2005

Comment: 545

Alhamdullillah, My prayers are with the Islanders, I was born in Zanzibar, got married in Wete-Pemba. Those beautiful memories of the Island is still ringing in my memory. I pray the best for all in Zanzibar & Pemba during the forthcoming election . Gulam

Date: 29 Aug 2005

Comment: 544

bizide zanzibara almazmisiniz ? isra1993@hotmail.com

Date: 29 Aug 2005

Comment: 543

One day I will visit the beautiful country of Tanzania and go to Mombasa and Zanzibar.

Date: 29 Aug 2005

Comment: 542

Thank you for this highlight. I was born after the Zanzibar Revolution but I had, as a history student, heard a lot about field Marshal John Okello who led the Revolution. Now I have an idea of what his intentions were.

Date: 27 Aug 2005

Comment: 541

Wow ! great info. I collect 1890 swahili women photographs. This is one of the best sight for research work. Nargis Email Kassammorgan@aol.com

Date: 22 Aug 2005

Comment: 540

Good site, here is more info on holiday in Zanzibar. http://www.getawayafrica.com/index.php?id=1030

Date: 22 Aug 2005

Comment: 539

Yes indeed, Mr.Hamed Al-Saidi, I support you. If we can't forget but for sure we can forgive. As Africans, we should cultivate short memory of hate, like the icon 'Mzee' Nelson Mandale. He is surely a role model for the current generation and those yet to be born. After spending 27good years of his life in bondage, he went ahead and had breakfast with the very people who locked him up and almost thew away the Key. Talking much about the evils of the former Zanzibar rulers will take us no where in this gloalised planet, in terms of development parameters. mohosman104@hotmail.com

Date: 22 Aug 2005

Comment: 538

Well by reading some of the articles I felt like living in that period of time I felt the sadness and happiness of what was happening there. And I was really astonished of the living standards compared to Oman at the same period. Im not really sad that the Africans took over the island, because at the end its their land. But Im sooooo sad of what they have done to the Omanies and other Arabs who were living there it was really tragedy :( Many thanks to the hard work you have put into this valuable site. Hamed Al-Saidi

Date: 19 Aug 2005

Comment: 537

Zanzibar is my favourite place in Tanzania

Date: 17 Aug 2005

Comment: 536

You have very good site!

Date: 12 Aug 2005

Comment: 535

where is cogefar now? where about in Africa? can anybody help me pls? looking 4 an old friend PATRICE ANDRE FROM MAURIITUS. He works 4 Cogefar. Thanks.

Date: 11 Aug 2005

Comment: 534

cool looks like OMAN. Good job.

Date: 09 Aug 2005

Comment: 533

Hi My name is Maluwa and one of the women in the old photos I Look just like. I wish I knew more about her family.

Date: 07 Aug 2005

Comment: 532

Sayyid Bargash, Great piece of work, it is just amazing how Zanzibar was brought to glow on the world map back then. Your forefather sure had, foresight, knowledge & thrist for it, had courage and made the impossible! Nasser Sulyeman Al Busaidy

Date: 04 Aug 2005

Comment: 531

this is a well organised and very intresting web sit congratulation you have provided very intresting information that i want to see zanzibar now from mbarouk_salim@hotmail.com

Date: 03 Aug 2005

Comment: 530

awesome web site, i never been there but seem so pritte by those picture you posted.i wish to be there right now .i have friend who came from there .she the one tolk me to check in this web site,where we live no too many people travel out of here so we did not believe any things .she proved us wrong ,hey thanks to shown me a light of life!

Date: 02 Aug 2005


this website is my connection to zanzibar when i am in the netherlands. Thank you all. Will be in zanzibar in October again. Hope the elections will not give to much trouble! rovers.achpm@avans.nl

Date: 01 Aug 2005

Comment: 528

I have enjoyed visiting your site as much as watching the islands featured on a BBC programme. The pictures shown on that programme are awesome! I hope to visit one day soon.

Date: 30 Jul 2005

Comment: 527

Greg Fernandes/Portuegese street zbar, i now leave in holland most friends call me babee the defender of the week. It was those wonderful years in zbar i had. Freinds call me in holland tel 023 5625605 like to meet alll of you , best regards GREGr l

Date: 28 Jul 2005

Comment: 526


Date: 28 Jul 2005

Comment: 525

i am so impressed by what i have got from this site and i will be a frequent visitor.can i be a member of your site? afrotwoiler@yahoo.com

Date: 27 Jul 2005

Comment: 524

I am a Zanzibar born in Pemba. The information obtained from your frontiers, was never thought of and have learned a great deal more about the tinyl Nation that was once a pardise on the planet - Earth. Thanks to all who have contributed to compile this historical archive. Shabbir Zavery. tbp@cats-net.com

Date: 25 Jul 2005

Comment: 523

One year ago I returned to familar territory I realized I even though I was absent I never really left. It was the feeling of returning home. To a place I grew up to a place my dreams have always been. There is a saying you can never return home again. That is false it is home, it is real, it is just as I remember, full of warmth, love, passion and music of drums like a heartbeat....I long to come home again.......

Date: 5 Jul 2005

Comment: 522

Well done the site reminds me of my old days in africa

Date: 23 Jul 2005

Comment: 520


Date: 06 Jul 2005

Comment: 520

I want to say I belive in Love, BUT I HATE all those who write to these pages who HATE Zanzibar. Go AWAY We do not WANT YOU on our ISLAND.

Date: 06 Jul 2005

Comment: 519

A tribute to King Kelly: You were not always as good as others wanted you to be but you always were you. Zanzibar missed you as a its Sultan, but never missed you as one of her own. I thank Allah that you were allowed to have Zanzibar as your resting place. You were born special and lived apecial. Who else ould be brought out of jail by Marhemu Abeid to play football for Zanizibar, who else had the picture to prove it. I could go on and on, but thats not the point, my tribute to you is in my heart, I can only try to share it knowing its impossibility I pray Allah rest your soul.

Date: 23 Jun 2005

Comment: 518

I enjoyed the historic pictures on your website. I am working on a book on khanga and would be interested to know where I can access pictures such as these. Has the work of the old Zanzibari photographers been published anywhere? davidbygott@yahoo.com

Date: 20 Jun 2005

Comment: 517

You have an excellent piece of work and a deep knowledgeof the place, therefore I wish to ak you a question - Why was the Sultan of Zanzibar turned away from Mombasa when he wanted exile during the revolution ? Thank you mrszainabbai@hotmail.com

Date: 16 Jun 2005

Comment: 516

I lived in Zanzibar for 3 years in the mid-90's and always struggled to find a concise publication covering the island's history. In particular the revolution of 1964 has always been a bit sketchy. Thank you for your efforts on the websight

Date: 10 Jun 2005

Comment: 515

Thanks for this wonnderful work. I am looking a friend Fauzia Mwita. Kindly help me to trace her. drs. Hassan Jalloh AfroNeth Foundation, The Netherlands www.afroneth.nl +31 (0) 20 7512591, + 31 (0) 6 53604270 hassan.jalloh@afroneth.nl

Date: 07 Jun 2005

Comment: 514

terrable web site

Date: 30 May 2005

Comment: 513

i have gone through this web i am the right mugu. mugu@mugu.com

Date: 27 May 2005

Comment: 512

Not been here for a while. In honour of my Uncle who not only was a true Zanzibari but also understood what it meant to be one. I only want repeat his answer when he was asked why does he not want leave when he was offered an opportunity to leave in the very diifucult 70's. " I love this Island". Allah rest you in peace Mohammed Masoud, I love You and like you I love our island in the way you taught me. Baghani will never be the same without you.

Date: 24 May 2005

Comment: 511

Christian conspiracy against the unassumed muslims. John Okello and Albert leading other gangsters. I just wish to have known the remaining forty were. How many were John, James, etc?

Date: 23 May 2005

Comment: 510

So much written and mentioned about the old Sultans, Nothing about the greatest of the Sultans to come out of Zanzibar, Freddie Mercury also known as Fouruk Balsara, the Sultan of Swing. Perhaps, your next assignment will be to research ex Zanzabaris and their contributions to the modern generation. Joedesilva@cox.net

Date: 23 May 2005

Comment: 509

The best photographs I have seen sofar, I was born in Zanzibar and left January 1964. I visited the Island in 2001...what a difference and shock but it still has the charm. Your site is excellent!! Mahbuba Abdullah

Date: 22 May 2005

Comment: 508

I offer 2-8 MACAU viewcards. In exchange, I ask for 25-100 large-size, undamaged stamps; or 4-15 pictorial phonecards, duplicates okay. Write: Ngan Kei Chi, Apartado 372, MACAO / MACAU. (ASIA)

Date: 20 May 2005

Comment: 507

I WOULD LIKE TO VISIT ZANZIBAR.PLEASE send INFORMATON. THANKS , DOMINIC.my e mail add is dominic mendes @hot mail .com\

Date: 20 May 2005

Comment: 506

Excellent site.I was born in Zanzibar and it brought back all the lovely memories .Presently I am living in London,but my heart is still in Zanzibar. Shaukat

Date: 15 May 2005

Comment: 505

what a beautiful place, The island of Zing

Date: 14 May 2005

Comment: 504

Anbody with Old Zanzibar original photos please contact me at superpatwa@yahoo.com thanks

Date: 04 May 2005

Comment: 503



Date: 29 Apr 2005

Comment: 502

How wonderfull words of courageous has been by comment 501. It is time to wake-up in the fight against these injustice collaborators so called ruling CCM who have killed innocent peoples and confisicated their properties without any reason and yet they called revolutionary. Time has come up now to end their massacres. Youth get up and fight and never be scared of their so called marungu ya F.F.U.

Date: 26 Apr 2005

Comment: 501

You keep on lying to the Zinzabaris there was revolution what kind of revolution. Where by a foreigner comes and rule our islands in the name of Catholic Church Movement (CCM) and you call that a revolution. Abeid Aman Karume was a foreigner from Nyasaland, he was just raised up in the isles. So I would like to advise the so called current president to leave and let Zanzibar free. Because we are tired of there massacres. this time we as Zanzibaris We shall rise up and defend our Dignity and Soveirinity by any means neccessary. Let Zanzibar be free, this time is not a joke we shall fight against anyone who hinders our nation weither America, England, France with there CCM banner that they have established it for fortyone (41) years now. War Zanzibar children war Zanzibar Youth War Zanzibar people we rather all die than to see this banner of Tanganyika (CCM) flying all over our isles. It is real time for revolution now for Zanzibaris not the 1964 so called revolution they just killed our dear brothers sisters and beloved ones who never had even a stick to resist them. e-mail alpaccinoking@yahoo.com

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