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Date: 12/25/2006

Comment: 700

As the son of yacoub Mohammed Gharib (A man who was highly loved by the people and government of Zanzibar), my father always wanted me to see Zanzibar but left the world with this dream unaccomplished. I must say, this website is rather intriguing and hence has made it possible for me to see Zanzibar hence achieving the vision. The site is a perfect example of the Omani -Zanzibar connection & the deep rooted blood connections.

Date: 12/24/2006

Comment; 699

Zanzibars past, not excluding its present, has been my unquenchable passion. The pictures of bygone times simply overwhelmed my imagination. And the text accompanying the photos and sketches was absolutely educational. More Zanzibaris ought to make available photos and infornation, stories and anecdotes from and about our islands! Good job, great job, magnificient, - I say to this compiler! Issak E Issak

Date: 12/22/2006

Comment: 698

Thanks for this wonderful historical site. I would be pleased to know if you have any historical information and photos about the (al Muharmi trib) from A to Z. Please e-mail me at i_maximara_i@hotmail.com ( Sabry Al Harthy ) from Oman I want to build this site soon for the generation coming.

Date: 12/22/2006

Comment: 697

nzuri sana

Date: 26 Oct 2006

Comment: 696

Asalam alekum,
Nimefurahi mno kuona Historia ya Zanzibar na pia picha na michoro ya kuanzia 1880. Hii inaonesha kuwa Afrika na hususan Zenj ilikuwa mbele katika maendeleo ya miundo mbinu (Infrastructure) sambamba na ulaya ya 1900. Hii ni changa moto kwa africa na hususan Zanzibar na Tanzania kuamua kupiga maendeleo ya haraka kama Korea ya Kusini ili Zanzibari na Watanganyika wafaidi maisha bora na ya kisasa.
Hongera tena kwa kukutunzia historia ambayo ni changamoto (challenge) kwa kizazi cha sasa na kama mwana wa Africa Mashariki.
Mesiaki Ilmolelian
Westminster City london.

Date: 20 Oct 2006

Comment: 695

REGARDING YOR QUESTION ON MAURICE RANDALL hE WAS BORN IN LITTLEHAMPTON IN 1866 TO WILLIAM HENDRY RANDALL (TAILOR) AND ELIZA( A SEAMSTRESS) HE left home at 14 years and signed on at sea to begin a career till the age of 30. His first ship was the gratitude which sailed from cardiff for New York then colombo. His talent for painting was noted by his captain and he became resposible for commissions to paint port scenes of african ports. Ones such painting was ZANZIBAR1913 which portrayed natives gazing out to sea. He returned to settle in Dorset and died in 1950 in Brighton. I have two unknown but signed watercolours by him in their original frames dating from the 1890,s. They are nautical scenes which was his main field. I have tried to view some of his works through the internet but as yet I have been unable to find much. If you have any images or inffo I would be obliged if you could get in touch.

Date: 19 Oct 2006

Comment: 694

Brillian site. mbwakali33

Date: 17 Oct 2006

Comment: 693

Assalamu-alaikum Barghash Thanks for the site it reminds us of our Zanzibar and happened to it. Shaukatali A.Dawood-Babu Ghulla

Date: 16 Oct 2006

Comment: 692

The page is very useful since the young people who did not get the chance to view various things that appeared in Zanzibar in the past are able to read and understand alot of things.

Date: 30 Sep 2006

Comment: 691

I found an old picture from the painter/illustrator Maurice Randall on the internet. The subject is woman of Zanzibar. Do you know the picture? or do you know something about Maurice Randall? I have a picture from him with the subject:'fall in Natal". marlimeij@wanadoo.nl

Date: 29 Sep 2006

Comment: 690

Dear Zanzibar Unveiled, Congratulations on your excellent Zanzibar website. Our website, www.zanzibar.cc has had a link to you for some time, on the Useful Links page. You can see it at: www.Zanzibar.cc\usefullinks.htm it would be very nice if you could also link back to our website, it would help in promoting the beautiful Islands of Zanzibar. kind regards Flo Flo Montgomery www.zanzibar.cc

Date: 26 Sep 2006

Comment: 689

Comment 671 Shame you can't spell SCIENCE and HINDU'S. I bet you went to St JOSEF School. Am I right. pedwardsjnr@hotmail.com

Date: 19 Sep 2006

Comment: 688

There is a fellow who has been really asking about the Legendary Professor Muhammad Khamis Juma Bhalo. In his comment he stated that Prof. Juma Bhalo is now aging and that no one has made an effort to make a documentary about him. In response to that i would like to let him know that Prof. Juma Bhalo is a living legend, you may think that he is aging but for a fact he is not and that as far as all his fans are concerned, no documentary needs to be made on him for his Music is a documentary on its on.

Date: 18 Sep 2006

Comment: 687

What a pleasure beyond words this site of yours. The response of all portrays your efforts. You should bask in the warmth of the joy you have brought to so many. Likewise the joy you have brought to me of a place so distant but so near/ unreachable but I can close my eyes and imagine.

Date: 17 Sep 2006

Comment: 686

You did a great work about zanzibar history. I think the ministry of education of zanzibar need to teach this history to the students because most of the zanzibar student know nothing about where they came from. Thank you Ali kheri U.S.A

Date: 13 Sep 2006

Comment: 685

An excellent work. This will go a long way in portraying the rich heritage of Zanzibar. May Allah bless you. With regards, Ahmad Hashmi.

Date: 03 Sep 2006

Comment: 684

It is sad that you did not metion that shk. FARSY was kadhi in kenya .

Date: 30 Aug 2006

Comment: 683

Dear Sir, First, congratulations on your excellent work. It is an asset to the research on the Revolution and Zanzibar in general. I have published a book on the Revolution and I would like to update it again. I like some of the photos in your website and would like to use them for the book with your permission (and of course would be credited to you). I would also like to send you a copy and would appreciate if you would let me know how I can get in touch with you, Best regards, Suleiman Shahbal shahbal2020@yahoo.com

Date: 12 Aug 2006

Comment: 682

Nimefurahi sana kusoma historia ya kizanzizabari mambo mengi nilikuwa siyajui lakini kupitia historia hii nimejua mambo mengi yenye kufurahia na ambayo hayachoshi kusoma kila dakika napendelea kusoma tu AHSANTE SANA

Date: 11 Aug 2006

Comment: 681

I came across this site purely by accident. What a joy it is. My brother and I were sent to the UK in June 1964 from Baghani Zanzibar. My parents could not come and stayed behind with my younger sister.. We were sent to live with an English couple in Portsmouth. We were not permitted to speak Swahili or read the Koran. We had lost touch with all our friends and we did not see our parents until 1973. I therefore have very little knowledge of my homeland. I will keep visiting from now on. Thank you for sharing this with us. Zuwena

Date: 24 Jul 2006

Comment: 680

what a lovely site keep it up.I read a lot of history in zanzibar but a lot was missing and i found it here.Ahsante sana unafanya kazi ya maana ndugu! Left zanzibar in 1965 and had an uncle who was a principal of king George school Mr khakoo a briliant mathamatican now im in Danmark for 30yrs and doing well.Can somebody tell me or is there anywhere in history written about a man called AMARWAGGAH? bk@kantorvaenget.dk

Date: 16 Jul 2006

Comment: 679

Date 15 Date; 15. July 2006 Hi guys . All of a sudden ran on this page . I am from zanzibar and I left in 1964 after the revolution. All these years have been looking for people from zanzibar was very excited to read all these emails .My name is Chandravati Dubey and I went to St. Josephs Conven School. I recognized some of the names her like Tahera HKhakoo and Shmeem Nazaralli. Also Iwanted to let commentor 205 know that his mother Virgnia was my teacher at St josephs .She also tutored me in 8th grade . she had a brother and a sister . And would somebody please let me know about Nena Kalachand .They owned a shop next to Molu bros on shansani street. Tahera and ShameemI would love to hear from u too . My older sister Chacravati had gone to Maatukaa School after 8th grade and my oter sis Shanno had gone to St George the sixth .My brothers are Shailendra and Vednarayan Anybody knowing them please responce. We used to live next to Gokaldas . on Portuguese sT, Am planning of visiting zanzibar and taking the kids and husband and showing them the paradise land , My email is cpandey416@ yahoo.com. love Chandravati Dubey jul 06;

Date: 15 Jul 2006

Comment: 678

Hey guys I know this is not right place to searching for friends or love ones, but Im pardon, I looking for a dude name Mohd Khamis or for his street known as Lodi now lives in some Uk Im his best friend but we lost each other contact, please if any one here knows him, can you tell him to write me an e-mail thru hitthatp@hotmail.com Asante sana By the way awesome website. Keep doing it.

Date: 07 Jul 2006

Comment: 677

Mimi nilizaliwa Zanzibar katika Hospitali ya Mwembeladu hivi sasa nina ishi London nilitembelea huko nyumbani hivi karibuni nilicho kigundua huko ni kwamba Wazanzibari tumepoteza hadhi yetu na uungwana wetu na hivi sasa wengi wetu tume kua omba omba kwanini? inaonekana kuna makosa yanafanyika,nadhani ni chombo kikuu kilichopo madarakani.yours salehjamaal@yahoo.co.uk

Date: 29 Jun 2006

Comment: 676

I reside outside Zanzibar but would like to hear from the following people who may reading articles from this wonderful website just like me: After all the confusion I lost 2 of my childhood friends and neighbours, i.e. Tomeo and Chan, and they have a brother Amuy. Does anybody know there whereabouts?? Some people tell me they reside in Vancouver,Canada but have not traced them since. Any information please write to:Lajoie55@hotmail.com ++++++++++++++++ If Krishna Gopaldas Madhavji could write to Lajoie55@hotmail.com I would be more than happy. We went to Catholic Mission School Wete Pemba together until his departure. ALL THEBEST TO VEYRBODY

Date: 22 Jun 2006

Comment: 675

hello to all especially zanzibaris!! My name is abdullah hassan, amd my nickname is tino.I am from baghani, zanzibar. I now live in ireland for 12 years. I want to say that zanzibar holdsme alot of memories for me, both good and bad. I am proud of my zanzibar roots, especially my school tumekuja. I found the website very informative and interesting and it brought back memories. I appreciates everybodies comments. If anyone reading this knows me from zanzibar then i would appreciate an email(mpenzi100@hotmail.com). kwaherini one day tutaonana

Date: 14 Jun 2006

Comment: 674

Hi there! I just bumped into your site, and I kind of enjoyed it.

Date: 03 Jun 2006

Comment: 673

It is a very informative and wonderful site. I was not known about Zanzibar prior to this site.

Date: 30 May 2006

Comment: 672

Asante sana for such a wonderful website on Unguja. Aboubakar Sharif, Bagamoyo

Date: 14 May 2006

Comment: 671

I realise your site is biased in favour of Goans most of whom went to St. Joseph School...... no mention is made about King George IV School which was more cosmopolitan and the best in Zanzibar, instead you talk about St Josef School where the results - O levels were just terrible. Eg in 1963 ; King G : 95 % 1st grade, 2% 2nd grade. 3% pass, no fails. St Josef: 2% 1st grade, 4% 2nd grade , 60% 3rd , rest failed!!!. I know this because my friend's father who was the best Maths and Scince teacher in the E.Africa helped a bunch of nuns who could not teach any of these subjects!!! No mention made of Hindoos and their contributions - they were highly placed professionals like doctors, engineers or teachers or big time cloves and coconut traders and exporters compared to the Goans who were mostly tailors and fishermen!!! Sorry but be honest and write the history as It was........

Date: 13 May 2006

Comment: 670

This is the most exhaustive and comprehensive site on Zanzibar I have seen and visited till date. However the author seems to have roots in Unjunga and so Pemba ( my birth place) suffers in the overall coverage. I am now all excited to revist my roots in Wete-Pemba after 42 years! Were literally thrown out by Okello's mafias....it's a tragedy that a heaven was pulled down and made unbearable lawless jungle in 1964 by this single mad man!! Also missing is the positive role of traders from India who settled down in late 1800s and contributed towards upliftment of society through commerce and economy. Also a host of Hindus ( mostly Gujaratis), Ishnashris, Khojs etc adding to the multicultural hue were instrumental in building up schools and hospitals, notable mention being contributions from The H.H. Aga Khan charities. All of them apart from the historical importance of Goans mentioned by you. Surely they all deserve more than just a mention if you perceive their roles as creators of more civilized and peaceful Zanzibar! Just my view point.....

Date: 11 May 2006

Comment: 669


Date: 11 May 2006

Comment: 668

Just to defend my article 'Can Muslim radicals make Zanzibar the Hong Kong of East Africa,' I actually did have the CUF acronym correct in my original piece, published in Glimpse Magazine, but somehow the editors at the Providence Journal managed to change the spelling... For the original, see: http://www.theglimpse.com/article_537.html

My senior thesis, on which the article is based, can be found here: http://www.artifex.org/~deharris/files/globalzanzibar.pdf

That said, I'm also a big fan of this site and never could have written that article nor my senior thesis on the topic without it! -David Evan Harris

Date: 11 May 2006

Comment: 667

Hi everyone! I think your site is very interesting and useful. I always bookmarked it.

Date: 07 May 2006

Comment: 666

i love this site magak keep offffffffffffffffffffffffff The site is so urban-focused. It seems as if Zanzibar is stone town. What about we from the villages, the majority? We need a place too, if this site meant for Zanzibar. We are interesting to read about present, much about past is biased. Yes you have found mass graves. Who killed those people? Africans or Arab or African-Arab stocks? Show to us injustice done to Africans too. All maga@yahoo.com

Date: 06 May 2006

Comment: 665

The site is so urban-focused. It seems as if Zanzibar is stone town. What about we from the villages, the majority? We need a place too, if this site meant for Zanzibar. We are interesting to read about present, much about past is biased. Yes you have found mass graves. Who killed those people? Africans or Arab or African-Arab stocks? Show to us injustice done to Africans too. All the best in your pro-CUF PROPAGANDA.!

Date: 02 May 2006

Comment: 664

If you're going to visit Zanzibar, visit this site first! Excellent job! Easy to navigate, good information, well organized. Do your tour operators use it for reference/Historical info? They should! Send the link to Zantours etc....they could use the info to make conversations while driving from the airport more interesting! Congratulations. An American Lady

Date: 30 Apr 2006

Comment: 663

I am looking for an old school friend. Her name was Shamim Sooli; the surname may have changed because of marriage. I'll appreciate your help in finding her. Please email me. activeone1@hotmail.com

Date: 24 Apr 2006

Comment: 662

This is the very best internet site devoted to Zanzibar that I have seen. Congratulations on assembling such excellent and informative information. Terry

PS What a pity there is nothing comparable for Dar es Salaam or Mombasa

Date: 22 Apr 2006

Comment: 661

Well done. This is a terrific site. I was surfing for pictures of the Al Hathara and Sayyid Khalifa, both ships serving Zanzibar. The latter replaced tha Al Said and my parents went to the launching in UK. I think the Al Hathara sank in Zanzibar harbour but I may be wrong on that.

Date: 20 Apr 2006

Comment: 660

Hello friends! Really nice place here. I found a lot of interesting stuff all around.

Date: 20 Apr 2006

Comment: 659

It was great for my school project

Date: 16 Apr 2006

Comment: 658

This is a site that has comprehensive information about our Zanzibar. The founder/developer/maintainer of this site has done an excellent job in designing this resourceful site. It was my first visit today, and I was astonished at the effort made to generate such wonderful output. It is the greatest site of my motherland that I have ever visited, I will be visiting again, and infact I have forwarded the link to every Zanzibari in my mailing list.

Date: 15 Apr 2006

Comment: 657

i am an architect and practice in ahmedabad,india.it was fascinating reliving old memories after all these years.have been missing my old friends from sir eauan smith madressa school and king george the xvi th secondary school. azad karmali,shiraz yusufally,neville arjani,babu jethalal,subhash kashiram,mohammed sdique,the list is endless.would love to know about them.and the island. my email:bharatenduvalambhia@yahoo.co.in

Date: 12 Apr 2006

Comment: 656

Good site. Why also is not present?! (

Date: 06 Apr 2006

Comment: 655

I am a Zanzibari born in 1949 what I saw in your sight is very amazing keep it up Allah may bless you.

Date: 02 Apr 2006

Comment: 654

Looking for classmates from King George VI School - Class of 1962. Please vist http://www.pbase.com/samirkharusi/image/43737782

and if you are in the picture, or if you recall any of the ones in your picture as being your classmate, please contact: jbirkmeyer@yahoo.com

Date: 01 Apr 2006

Comment: 653

Good site. Me very much has liked.

Date: 31 Mar 2006

Comment: 652

hey people, how ya doin..... I am Shamim (Tasneem) and born and bred in ZNZ, now living in uk.... I am looking for a gud friend of mine named Patrice Andre. He is from Mauritius and when we separated over 15 years ago he used to work for an Italian company called Cogefar. Anybody help me track him down please. I'll be later.... great website by the way!!

Date: 30 Mar 2006

Comment: 651

Great site! Keeps me up to date with the volatile situation in Zanzibar ... One thing...David Evan Harris should think about getting his acronyms right before he goes off publishing what otherwise is a fairly decent article about the political situation in Zanzibar. What was utterly infuriating about his article 'Can Muslim radicals make Zanzibar the Hong Kong of East Africa' was that he couldnt get the abbreviation right for the very thing he was writing about - Civic Unived Front. CUF David, not CUP or CUT. Better do a bit more proof reading when you submit your Masters work!

Date: 24 Mar 2006

Comment: 650

At you the excellent site, a lot of useful info and good design, thank.

Date: 21 Mar 2006

Comment: 649

Great Site..... As a child i vividly remember some sights of Zanzibar. As some of my family was settled in Z'bar I knew about a lot of names of people from the island. Later while I was in Oman I had an opportunity of meeting more people from Zanzibar. I still dream to visit the place one day.. Parimal Mehta

Date: 20 Mar 2006

Comment: 648

this site reminds me alot back home havent been back to zanzibarin long time now, i would like to see more of morden zanzibar though. reecengwisa@aol.com

Date: 15 Mar 2006

Comment: 647

i just wanna say mambo vipi to yall Zanzibar's and yall others too, i been there, i meant at Zanzibar was awesome vacation i never had before woow, i'm looking forward to go there again i made a lot of friends, the sea man so blue glowing and sparckling sea water. baadei

Date: 10 Mar 2006

Comment: 646

How we glow over these novels of passion, when the story is told with any spark of truth and nature! And what fastens attention, in the intercourse of life, like any passage betraying affection between two parties? Perhaps we never saw them before and never shall meet them again. But we see them exchange a glance or betray a deep emotion, and we are no longer strangers. We understand them and take the warmest interest in the development of the romance. All mankind love a lover.

Date: 08 Mar 2006

Comment 645

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.

Woe to the man whose heart has not learned while young to hope, to love - and to put its trust in life.

Date: 08 Mar 2006

Comment: 644

Thank You...J.R.Bruland

Date: 05 Mar 2006

Comment: 643

Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful places in Tanzania

Date: 05 Mar 2006

Comment: 642

again and again i come back to your site to appreciate the work that has gone into communicating the history and culture of Zanzibar. i have quite a bit of Zanzibar memorabilia dating back to before 1964 as my father was part of the British govt. administration leading up to the uhuru elections of 1963. thank you for the efforts you have taken with your site. its excellent. cheers Anne C. chappelanne@yahoo.com

Date: 03 Mar 2006

Comment: 641

beautiful pictures, especially the funeral ones. You have not only brought back very fond memories, but also tears in my eyes. keep up the good work. MJ

Date: 02 Mar 2006

Comment: 640

Very good site! I like it! Thanks! I think no I SURE your web-site is really great. I think the pictures are breathtaking Thank you for the wonderful pages!!!

Date: 27 Feb 2006

Comment: 639

Brilliantly done!!!!! well researched....keep up the good work. its just AMAZING aisha@zanzinet.com

Date: 26 Feb 2006

Comment: 638

Good work, webmaster! Nice site!

Date: 24 Feb 2006

Comment: 637

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

Date: 23 Feb 2006

Comment: 636

Hi there My nave Mim Suleiman, currently living in the UK. But I am proud to say that I am Zanzibarian singer. Was born in Pemba island and attended first 7 years of my education at Tumekuja school. I love zanzibar inside out. Great to see the history of Zanzibar. I trully miss it. I am really ejoying this!!!! please dont stop, just keep them coming. mimkerr@yahoo.co.uk

Date: 23 Feb 2006

Comment: 635

I must confuses your site is really cool!!! Great site, great idea, just all round great work, everyone.

Date: 22 Feb 2006

Comment: 634

I am looking for Edward Udugu Azun and his family. I haven't heard from Eddie in five weeks and I am worried about his safety. This is what I know: He moved to Toronto, Canada in January from Calgary, Canada He has two brothers (Chad and Richard) studying abroad He has six sisters on Unguja His mother(a prominent business women) died in the fall of 2005 Pictures available upon request. Any help is greatly appreciated. I NEED to get a message to him ASAP Thank-you, Jennifer J. Dunbar butterfly_dunbar@hotmail.com

Date: 21 Feb 2006

Comment: 633

To the webmaster: I am looking for more information on "Ranti De Silva & Brothers" in Zanzibar, Dar-es-salam. You have a picture on your site & I am looking for more possible information on this Gemstone Manufacturing. My Grandfather was in Zanzibar in the 1920's and my father & uncles were born in Zanzibar. Any information would be more than welcome. Pls contact me by e-mail - dsousastewart@yahoo.com

Date: 19 Feb 2006

Comment: 632

A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!

Date: 19 Feb 2006

Comment: 631

Hello, I was born in Wete,Pemba.My name's Krishna,son of Gopaldas Madhavji (GOPALI).Just came to know about this site,indeed a very interesting one.Am residing in Mwanza,Tanzania at the moment.If anyone has any details or connections with the family please contact me on email address vineshkk@hotmail.com.Thanks

Date: 18 Feb 2006

Comment: 630

Great page, not too fancy but well balanced! Cheers!

Date: 13 Feb 2006

Comment: 629

thank you for a fantastic site about Zanzibar! hi to my dear Ali, miss you - nakupenda.. Elisa

Date: 09 Feb 2006

Comment: 628

Definitely a good site bringing back memories .

Date: 08 Feb 2006

Comment: 627

Once a Zanzibari always a Zanzibari and you have proved your identity with the effort in setting up this beautiful site. We your fellow Zanzibaris are grateful to you for this nostalgic collection. May the Almighty God bless you and your family for resurrecting the threads of memories of our past and heritage. With Kind regards Murtaza Nasser,

Date: 07 Feb 2006

Comment: 626


Date: 05 Feb 2006

Comment: 625

the "zanzibar news" section needs to be updated more frequently (suggest at least once a week)

Date: 30 Jan 2006

Comment: 624

Excellent Website. It brings the fantastic memory of the Pradise island of Zanzibar. Grateful thanks for your efforts and contributions. Subhash Modi (Zanzibari - now reside in Nairobi - Kenya)

Date: 24 Jan 2006

Comment: 623

Thank You. A wonderfully well researched and presented site. It was a pleasure to read excerpts from different sections. In many ways history does repeat itself! Braz Menezes, Toronto.

Date: 24 Jan 2006

Comment: 622

niliondoka Zanzibar tungu 1976! na nimekwenda tena dec 2005 na wiki ilopita nimeondoka Zanzibar na sasa niponinapoishi kwa sasa. aim yangu ya kusema ni hivi kule kwetu Amani Karume anahanisi watu kama baba yake alivyo tufanyia ndio sasa anavyoiendesha Zanzibar, majeshi na askari kama watu wapo msumbiji na rwanda.watu wanabomu vilemakibao watu wanakusikitikia ukiwaona utafikiri unaweza kumsaidia mtu kwa matatizo ya nchi na rais anadanganya watu kwamba uchumi umezidi. nchi yote imekufa watu ote masikini mtu hajui atakula nini ,mafuta kila siku yanazidi bei daladala hazishikiki.tizama hii mimi kwa macho yangu nimeona hii mzee watoto wake 4 wanasoma skuli maeneo ya magomeni na kila mmoja nauli sh 500 kwenda na kurudi kwa siku je mzee uyo kwa mwezi anatumia kiasi gani? na wakati mwingi serikalli hawatoi mishahara ya wafanya kazi wao! Amani utaendakusema nini kwa mungu wako unawatesa watu kama ulowatia shemere.ingekua baba yako anakuletea salamu basi nahakika iyo kazi ungeiacha au ungeitumikia Zanzibaris wanavyotakiwa,cheo kibaya hicho

Date: 23 Jan 2006

Comment: 621

Excellent site. My father, Mohanlal Mehta, had the keys to the captured armoury on that fateful night in 1964 and was toatlly unaware of the rebellion. I live now in Canada. Navin Mehta navinmehta@gmail.com

Date: 22 Jan 2006

Comment: 620

I've made three trips to Zanzibar and still enjoy its many offerings. I hope to spend more time on the islands and contribute to its continued economic, social and political growth and development. I offer my sincere thank you to the welcoming Zanzibari people for allowing me to share the richness of their home.

Date: 20 Jan 2006

Comment: 619


Date: 19 Jan 2006

Comment: 618

Very interesting and keep on the good work

Date: 18 Jan 2006

Comment: 617

i have visited zaznibar in april and i fell in love with the place and the people and the culture so much that i came back that year in december...... i have only been back home for 2 weeks and am already missing the place! your website is one of the best that i have seen... keep up the good work... zanzibar is like a little peice of heaven.. dannz12@hotmail.co.uk dannielle blackledge

Date: 17 Jan 2006

Comment: 616

Beautiful Memories.....Beautiful Sites.....Beautiful People......Thats My Zanzibar....

Date: 17 Jan 2006

Comment: 615

I`m looking for "Rhamis H Jaku" and "Juma Juma Ramahdan". Can erverybody help me? My email is jumagraf@gmx.net thx

Date: 14 Jan 2006



Date: 14 Jan 2006

Comment: 613

Your site is great. I just happened to have a moment to surf the net and came across it. Thanks 4 the good informations I have found on your site. Many Greetings!

Date: 13 Jan 2006

Comment: 612

nice site keep it up maga@maga.com

Date: 03 Jan 2006

Comment: 611

Once the CUF Arabists stop their xenophobia against fellow Tanzanian citizens they demonize as "main landers" then it will be safe for foreign tourists to travel to Zanzibar. Main lander and Islander we are all Tanzanians.

Date: 01 Jan 2006

Comment: 610

site interesting and useful. Has come, was surprised with quantity of the information. Has added in the selected works, and I suggest you to exchange references. In advance thanks, write

Date: 31 Dec 2005

Comment: 609

very interesting account of the bombardment of zanzibar,my grandfather was a sailor on st george and was awarded a silver medal

Date: 30 Dec 2005

Comment: 608

Hi, comment 588. With no doubt u r one of those black foolish servants whom their brain has been whipped out by mainlands propaganda. Remember that Zan/Pemba islands are 100% Muslims habitants, only few years back some of the pundas fm mainland like you have come to settle in these islands in order to destroy the culture of the people here, but by the will of God these islands will be dominated by Muslims as they are the only original habitants. The arabs have done more than enough to appreciate, but after neally 40 yrs of the so called mapinduzi, nothing has changed except the islands are going into dark like [deleted].

Date: 28 Dec 2005

Comment: 607

the news page......... my only contact to pemba hasn't been refreshened for a whil. does anyone have suggestions where i can get my news from pemba on the internet?. thanks achpm.rovers@avans.nl

Date: 26 Dec 2005

Comment: 606

good job Barghash, for preserving the histoyry of our Island, and now let's repair and build our Island for our future generation.

Date: 24 Dec 2005

Comment: 605

Ni kazi nzuri sana na yenye umuhimu mkubwa sana lakini kitu kimoja tu umesahau kuweka historia za mashekhe wa zanzibar pamoja napicha zao.

Date: 23 Dec 2005

Comment: 604

Great site ! I have learned alot with the useful information.Although i have never been to Zanzibar before but after seeing this site,i will defenatly make an effort to visit the place.I was very touched seeing the places of where my father and grandfathers grew up,esp the space station,my father worked there(project mercury) in his youth.I hope this site will continue updating and also for others to contribute more old and history pictures.Thanks Mr.Bargash and keep up the good work. Shamil Badran Al-Barwani,Oman.email address:jshams@hotmail.com

Date: 23 Dec 2005

Comment: 603

Dear Barghash, First of all, congratulations for your excelent web about Zanzibar. I'm an archaeologist from Spain and I visited and worked in Zanzibar last and this summer. Now I'm going to publish an article about Maritime Heritage and Anthorpology of swahili coast and I'm very interested in some old pictures of your web (the ones with the tipology of dhows and old views of dhow navigation). Where did you get the pictures? Can I take them from your web and include them in my article? Thank for your attention. I'm wainting for your answer. Best wishes, Maria Jose (mjnoain@teleline.es)

Date: 22 Dec 2005

Comment: 602

Hi More more of such sites. Thanks

Date: 20 Dec 2005

Comment: 601

Once again I return to this site to read the comments others have written, some are so genuine, others disrespectful. You as the webmaster must be proud to know the information you display creates joy in some, and arguments in others. I see the photos I have read the words of others and of yourself and wonder is this your internal conflict resolution. Are you home when you write these words living in another land wishing you were at peace in your soul. No need to answer this webmaster just thought I would place a comment to have you ponder that thought. Some of us search a lifetime and never realized what we wanted was to just come home....

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