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Guest Book Vol. 4

Date: 08 Sep 2004

Comment: 400

Dear the author of "Mr Taliban", thankyou for proving my point, what was the constructive and intelligent content of your posting? I want to encourage discussion on the history of our islands, contributions such as yours are hardly an advert for rational thinking. I have nothing against non Zazibaris, my wife is one.

Date: 02 Sep 2004

Comment: 399


Date: 01 Sep 2004

Comment: 398

poa sitee

Date: 01 Sep 2004

Comment: 397

The saddest part of any open fora such as this, is that it is also open to lunatics and bigots to peddle their comments founded on hate and based on at best a misconception of history or on just plain ignorance. As a Zanzibari I thank you for the preservation of the heritage of yesterdays Zanzibar. To-days Zanzibar is far removed from the Zanzibar of my Father, nothing will turn the clock back, but equally nothing will change the real history of our island, whatever your (I am sure non Zanzibari) hate peddlers would like. My only request as webmaster use your rights as moderator and do not allow postings that do not engage intelligent and balanced debate on our island's history.

Date: 01 Sep 2004

Comment: 396

cool siteoooooooooooooo

Date: 29 Aug 2004

Comment: 395

Dear Sir/Madam, Reply for messege No.386.dated: 31 Jul 2004. Yes indeed you want to hear more about Jume Bhalo, but I am afraid you didn't leave your e-mail address. mohosman104@hotmail.com

Date: 28 Aug 2004

Comment: 394

WARNING dont wait for another Dafur smash Zanzibar caste system. Dont vote for CUF Arabists. It is time Black African nations stoped giving Arab nations voting-handouts at UN meetings,(what do they ever give us in return?) Arabs are a embarassment to the developing world, humilated and conquered people AKA Iraq. Pemba-Uguju and John Okello forever! TR

Date: 28 Aug 2004

Comment: 393


Date: 15 Aug 2004

Comment: 392

Sirs: I am trying to locate a listing of Zanzibar territorial governors from the British period. Would you happen to know where I might find such a listing on the internet. Sincerely, Peter Jacoby pfjacoby@earthlink.net

Date: 14 Aug 2004

Comment 391

i'm zanzibarian at the momment i live in the uk and i have naver seen any place in the world where i can enjoy like, no matter how hard life is back home but still home sweet home. tahir

Date: 11 Aug 2004

Comment 390

i thought this was a very good website and gave me a lot of information about zanzibar. hopefully i can visit it one day. -Tamarra, vermont

Date: 11 Aug 2004

Comment 389

i am farsi i didnt like this website it is blank. huzeifapishori998@hotmail.com

Date: 02 Aug 2004

Comment: 388

The majority of the so called arab rulers in Zanzibar ( e.g Sayyid Khalifa, Bargash etc ) had native black Zanzibarian mothers. So they were as native - and black- as you Mr Kassim but sadly they oppressed their own kiths and kins, just as revolutionaries are doing right now in Zanzibar, which reminded me of George Orwell classic 'Animal Farm ' in which once the oppressed take over the government they behave as the same as the oppressor, even worse in some cases!

Date: 31 Jul 2004

Comment: 387

Asalaam Alaikum Thank you for all the information on your website - May Allah be pleased with your effort. I live in Tanzania (originally from SA) and I visit Zanzibar at least once every six months. I am very interested in the history of Zanzibar and found load of information on your site. Keep it up. Naima

Date: 31 Jul 2004

Comment: 386


Date: 30 Jul 2004

Comment: 385

Mr Abdinassir Musa, of London, UK(comment No.384), sorry you did not indicate which legend you are referring to , who is promoting kiswahili. Please clarify. Please refer to comment No. 370. By Mohamed Abubakar........mae2edu@bolton.ac.uk

Date: 28 Jul 2004

Comment: 384

i take this golden opportunity to extend my sincere gratitudes to this legend. He surely has given us a name, for those of us, who truely believe in the development and the use of the swahili language across the east coast of Africa and far beyond.

Abdinassir Musa London, UK

Date: 24 Jul 2004

Comment: 383

I've enjoyed your page, and will check back in the future for more wisdom from the dark

Date: 18 Jul 2004

Comment: 382

Does't matter author of this site is Indian,Arab or Swahili,but at least he tried his best to transparent zanzibar.Zanzibar is multcultural country with long and interesting history.History of princess Salme is one of the interesting and attractive history.It seems that some famous people in Germany,England and arabs are one side zanzibarian.Let us open our eyes and mind and not keeping killing each other for political interest. ommy

Date: 18 Jul 2004

Comment: 381

Thank you very much barghash for this wonderful website.You well tried to keep zanzibar history open.However keep in mind that,nowdays people we are not lacking of information but we are lacking of true information.True information is very sweet and really bitter.Try to write true information about Zanzibar history although some of them may angry some ethnic group in zanzibar.Are you sure of Mass grave?.EDDY

Date: 18 Jul 2004

Comment: 380

IS THIS A TRUE STORY?. ''Seyyid Barghash was the man who brought Zanzibar in closer contact with the rest of the world. After the opening of the Suez Canal(1869), he arranged for the Eastern Telegraph Company to lay a long distance cable cable under the ocean bed from Aden to Zanzibar. Work on laying the submarine cable was accomplished in 1879. A local office was opened with technicians brought from London, Goa and Bombay.'' EDDY

Date: 12 Jul 2004

Comment: 379

This site doesn't have sufficient materials, and it is only speaking about former oppressors, and those who said that this site remind them when they were there, it really remind them how they used to oppress native black Zanzibarian, and took all the wealth to foreign countries, Most of them are you indians, like you Barghashit..... If I will came down there and do a reseach on Indians, Arabian and Government leaders if they have bank account in Znz and abroad, I'm sure the result will come out that all you have bank accounts in abroad. So do you think doing this bull sh***t, you helping Znz be rich or you helping it to be bleached? Kassimhi@hotmail.com

Date: 12 Jul 2004

Comment: 378

hello i live in belgium and i admire zanzibar,i have seen a pascal bogaerts i like to write,on the other hand,i first saw zanzibar because of a big artist songwriter of belgium and the world,salvatore adamo,his last cd name is zanzibar,how to contact peter. maurice.simoens@pandora.be

Date: 11 Jul 2004

Comment: 377

Barghash, Cheers!. This is great. You really enlightened me on liberation or suppression of the Zanzibaris. Many Kenyans know very little about the truth of the 1964 revolution. All they know is about Karafu and rubbish especially the Mombasans. I look forward to visit/stay Zanzibar this fall on a fabulous cultural project for 6 months. I will email you soon. Thanks Man and keep up the good work. Prof. Hamsa el Barewah Kenyan - American. (Ex. Malindian)

Date: 11 Jul 2004

Comment: 376

Ok sawa. very informative. Asante ndugu.

Date: 06 Jul 2004

Comment: 375

This site has many untrue facts that i feel disgraceful...I really think you need to get everything striaght...this is not good for my children to be reading this

Date: 30 Jun 2004

Comment: 374

The real bomb that will completely destroy tourism is if any gay person is made an example by handing over a 25year sentence ! I cannot believe that this might happen, for I love this beautiful island and its people. Does anyone know what the latest news on this is? Babu Para - South Africa

Date: 26 Jun 2004

Comments: 373

Mashallah, Mabruk Aleik for the launch off, this website is like a me walking in a historical archive of archived images that are only seen in museums. Wether it is a brother or sister behind this website, keep up the good work, we need more out here from the mother land. Zenjibar has gone through an intense historical paradigm, and inshallah kila kitu kitakuwa cha kheri. Thank you for sharing this information and knowledge with the world. My mother was a revolution survivor, and by seeing those pictures there it helped me see more other than my own created images in my head and feelings of what happened during that period and time. Thank you again, and there is nothing like originallity-WELL DONE! A question, by any chance are there more images from Pemba? and also the english building that u provided the picture, said to a museum now, where is it located? since_olduvai@yahoo.ca

Date: 23 Jun 2004

Comment: 372

It was a touching moment for me to review all the old scenes of Zanzibar as my grand parents, parents and brothers were part of this beautiful country, We were all one big happy family. God Bless Zanzibar. C de souza

Date: 16 Jun 2004

Comment: 371

Dear Barghash, Thank you for your website, it has images of the islands I have never seen before. I am interested in hearing from people who either lived on Pemba or still do. I am working on a history of education/social services on Pemba and would love to have as many voices as possible in the story. My email address is: liz99ard@hotmail.com Thank you again!

Date: 16 Jun 2004

Comment: 370

During the Zanzibar revolution I was just a boy of one year, born and brought up in Malindi-Kenya. My understanding is that the person who overthrew the island mornechy was Abeid Karume. Please enlighten (clarify) It is a remarkable idea to have put such information on the web.Admittedly it is difficult to obtain such data when you are far away as Bolton in the UK. In this regard I was moved by Siti Binti Saad web. The only book I had come about this legendary super star, I think was in 1976. It was writen by Shabaan Robert. In this connection I would suggest that you likewise prepare such a materal for, the one and only taarab king.(Professor) Juma Bhalo.I am afraid he is aging now and I don't think someone had thought of writting or evening preparing (shooting) a documentary about him.Indeed he is about to become history in the making. I would be happy to receive any relevant information regarging the same, e.g.membership registration, regarding presevation and enlightment about Swahil culture. Currently I am a Kenyan, post graduaate student at Bolton Institute. ------------------------ My address is Mohamed A.Ebrahim 40 Bradford Street Bolton-Lancashire BL2 1JJ United Kingdom..............................altenatively: mae2edu@bolton.ac.uk or mohosman104@hotmail.com Thank you and congratulations for your execellent work. Bye/ Alamsiki/ Kwaheri/ Maasalaam/Ghudaafis.

Date: 14 Jun 2004

Comment: 369

The site is incredible,,,especially the Bi.Kidude's photo. Nandipha. South Africa

Date: 30 May 2004

Comment: 368

this is wondefull website, good for our children to learn the history of the past. warda (Oman) chimora62@hotmail.com

Date: 18 May 2004

Comment: 367

This has been a wonderful experience. Thought-provoking, wonderfully done, fantastic. We've been to Zanzibar, want to return, feel as if we know the island a bit better.

Maretha Maartens, South Africa.

Date: 16 May 2004

Comment 366

In the United States, we apologize for improper treatment of war prisoners. Have the Governments of Tanzania and Zanzibar ever apologized for the massacres of civilians shown on your pages? Neville Arjani

Date: 15 May 2004

Comment 365

The old photographs of Zanzibar have always reminded me of the place where my mother was born. I have visited Zanzibar on several occassions, but I have never really made a complete tour of the island...and always regretted....I should have visited this place..or that place..! Zanzibar is a living Postcard. May God Bless and protect all the remaining Goan families still in Zanzibar - as they are braver than all of us who have left...Lewis Pereira, Washington, D.C. USA.

Date: 15 May 2004

Comment 364

What wonderful pieces of work. Many thanks. It has brought Zanzibar back to me what a wonderful sight.

I was born in Zanzibar. I was at St. Joseph's school. I knew Fatma Jesse. My grandfather's house was just next door to Fatma. She had sisters called Munira and Feeza. My email is zba1841@aol.com Zarin Avari(nee Badhni)

Date: 11 May 2004

Comment 363

This is a good collection of history and pictures of Zanzibar. Within few minutes my awareness and knowledge has been enahnced at a very relaxing way. There is no doubt Zanzibar was, and still looks very good. Thanks for those who developed this site, a job well done. A.

Date: 05 May 2004

Comment 362

Thanks for your brilliantly designed and heartful website. I can't wait to go and experience this wonderful place for myself and take my family also. Sincerely, Apryl Leaf

Date: 04 May 2004

Comment 361

Very nice

Date: 03 May 2004

Comment 360

Great site, I recoment this site to be visibal to our young ones both in Oman and Zanzibar, There are photos reminds me long back, Great work Sir. Y-Maimani.

Date: 27 Apr 2004

Comment 359

These are wonderful photographs to peruse. I have in my possession many photos of the Zanzibar of the 1930's when I grew up there as a child from the age of 2 - 8 yrs old. I would be happy to send them over the internet if it would be of interest? These were taken mainly by my parents, (Arthur and Gertrude Hutchison). My father worked in the then National Bank of India. We lived in a flat in the building which is now Zanzibar High School, which I visited a few years ago. My email address is: magmum80@hotmail.com and I would love to hear from you. I now live in Canada and am planning another trip to Zanzibar in 2006. I decided the only inhabitant of the island who was there when i was is the large old tortoise in the museum grounds! Maggie Thomas (nee Hutchison)

On further investigation I realise that my first school was St Joseph's Convent and my Zanzibar home was the middle flat of Tumekuja School! How wonderful to see the old photographs and to read the account from a Head Master. Maggie - Canada

Date: 26 Apr 2004

Comment 358

This message is for SHAMIM (TEJA KANJI)NAZARALI My name is Tahera Khakoo and I would really love to get in touch with you too. You did not leave your e-mail address. The webmaster has my address so please, do get in touch.

Date: 24 Apr 2004

Comment 357

Dear Bhargash, every time I visit your site, I find new and exciting updates. Your project has obviously become your life's work! Please keep it up. Unfortunately on this occasion you haven't helped me, as I was looking for a more detailed description of the House of Wonders for a story I am writing based on my visits to Zanzibar. I could have sworn that there are large flags hanging in the gallery there, but I can find no mention of them. I guess I'll just have to go back to Zanzibar for another visit! carolinemiche15@hotmail.com

Date: 14 Apr 2004

Comments 356

This site is great! Asante sana! My name is Rebecca and I'm from Australia. I've been living with my husband Iddi in Zanzibar for three years. We have recently come to London to work. Well I have work but it has proven difficult for my husband to get work. The reason for this is because his English is very basic and he has no formal education. I have been searching for Zanzibarian/Tanzanian communities here in London but I've had no luck. It would be soooo good for him to meet some other swahili speakers. I speak swahili but I think he could do with other people to talk too. He has met many people here in London through me but it would be great for him to meet other friends for himself. I've been a stranger in a strange land many a time and it can really suck. So any swahili speakers out there? becharv@yahoo.com.au

Date: 06 Apr 2004

Comment 355


Date: 02 Apr 2004

Comment 354

I real apologize for what I wrote in here and you guys are reading, but I hope you know guys, life at home land was awesome sadden now very one says dont ever try to come back home to live, if you want just visit, you can come there are no rotation of money, all them money taken by Tanganyika government. You that real pain full. They dont even realize how bad such a thing like that they do for us. Special Amani Karume knows did not win that last election and you still stuck leading people. Dont think we dont know, but remember there is one day it is one judgment day, we are not forgive you Amani and your government are thief and liar. You dont do what we ask you to do. All made us run away from our own country, we not belong here .we want come back home, we hesitated and waiting next election .still you guys and gays stolen become (Chama Cha Malaya) CCM win .we know is bullshit none love to be suffer .!!! love and amani z'bar

Date: 31 Mar 2004

Comment 353

hey hey bro this is awesome and keep it up ,let them strengers know.

Date: 31 Mar 2004

Comment 352

i dont know who you are! but you are wrong to be mad people talke about gays people. that is not God wants people be on that way ,even your own parents are not with you ,for what you acting ,they need you to ahve furture and family ,not to be gay. you cant produce any bady .what is very sin, huge mistakes.

Date: 31 Mar 2004

Comment 351

If you mad people talk about gay people, go to hell. Our culture is not be close with kind of that people ,and this web for us whom live out of Zanzibar , not you gay!

Date: 25 Mar 2004

Comment 350

what is your peoples problem? What are you living in the dark ages? It is STUPID that you have something against gay people with MONEY! what is wrong with you people? Human beings are human being! We are no longer in the Dark Ages, when are you people going to figure that out? You are idiots if you have such closed minds! DM, Denver, CO

Date: 24 Mar 2004

Comment 349

This site is ok but its not THAT good. What it really needs is some facts about Ancient Zanzibar. (i.e. Who built Zanzibar? What was the highest point of history? Who controlled it? What brought the downfall of Ancient Zanzibar?) These are some things a learning student like me need to know for our projects. ~ A Learning Teen

Date: 23 Mar 2004

Comment 348

I was not born in zanzibar but i am a zanzibarian. This site has shown me and given me so much. i feel that now i know what zanzibar is all about. Thank you so much for all the information, provided. From a true zanzibarian.

Date: 22 Mar 2004

Comment 347

I have no words to express the site. It took my breath away. Muneer

Date: 21 Mar 2004

Comment 346

For those souls swayed and captured by the spice winds, a wholly wonderful site.

Date: 21 Mar 2004

Comment 345

Wonderful site with a lot of historical pictures. Any Zanzibari who wants to know more, and from a different angle, about the 1964's revolution ought to read a recently published book by the last US state department offical in Zanzibar, Don Petterson. The title of the book is: Revolution in Zanzibar: An American's Cold War Tale.

Date: 20 Mar 2004

Comment 344


Date: 14 Mar 2004

Comment 343

many thanks from us, a dutch couple who visited unguja in 2003 and already have booked for 2004, rovers,achpm@hsbrabant.nl

Date: 05 Mar 2004

Comment 342

It was a jewel of an island almost unimaginable and totally unexplainable to the modern youth. Those who were born there and went to school would understand the beauty of having experienced paradise. The people, the food, the beaches, weather and the Sultanate benign reign is something embedded in your brain knowing that it comes once in a span of infinity. Shamim (Teja Kanji) Nazarali

Date: 05 Mar 2004

Comment 341

Bargash your capture of the island is truly authetentic. I too went to St. Joseph Convent School near the sea-shore. I love to call this paradise my home-town. I am trying to locate a friend TAHERA KHAKOO, Keep up the good work, Bargash.

Date: 04 Mar 2004

Comment 340

Dear Barghash, May the Lord God inspire more life time to keep doing the History that reminding what was and what is on up to this comparing. I real enjoyed the Zanzibar through this site, Keep on it benmps@yahoo.com

Date: 02 Mar 2004

Comment 339

Hello, I was amazed to stumble upon this site..It has a lot of great information in it. I was wondering if you had authored a book about the History of Zanzibar and if yes where could I buy it in Dar-es-Salaam? My father was born in Zanzibar and always loves talking about Zanzibar, I was born in Dar-es-Salaam and been visitng Zanaibar for many years now. Currently I am at college in the United States but I always enjoy reading about the History of my country. Keep up the good work...Pritesh Karia

Date: 26 Feb 2004

Comment 338


Date: 25 Feb 2004

Comment 337


Date: 23 Feb 2004

Comment 336


Date: 17 Feb 2004

Comment 335

hi there, been here before and i do think its a great web-site, however in your zanzibar women page you metioned sayyeda salmah as a zanzibari, when she is actually Omani daughter of the sultan of oman who also ruled zanzibar at the time. a book about her called (princess salma) can be found in many bookshops around the world. regards, J

Date: 11 Feb 2004

Comment 334

Its great you took the time to do this, I was born in zanzibar, and will always remember the wonderful times we had growing up. My father's name was M.E.Jesse, he was an imigration officer and worked at th bethlajahib building, before he opened a beautiful shop called "Jesse's" right opposite the post office. My sister Feeza was the first qualified hairdresser to have a bussiness in Zanzibar. Those were wonderful carefree days.

Date: 09 Feb 2004

Comment 333

Very informative site with great pictures which i havent seen elsewhere i commend u for a great job in putting such a site with such information on the historical importance of zanzibar the mass graves is very important that we let people know wut happened thnx for the info Ali Haroun Al-balushi omarmukhtar@hotmail.com

Date: 04 Feb 2004

Comment 332

Great website. I was looking for information and pictures of Zanzibar end 19th century because Amaat "Ratte" Vyncke (White Father from Flanders, Belgium) arrived there in 1883 and after some time of preparations he and some other White Fathers then went to Kibanga were he died in 1888, 38 years old. The collection of old photos on the website is fantastic. Jef Bogaert, president of the "Ratte Vyncke Comit", a cultural organisation in Zedelgem, the village were A. Vyncke was born.

Date: 03 Feb 2004

Comment 331

great page dude it was really helpful

Date: 02 Feb 2004

Comment 330

Dear barghash, I have replied your E-mail which you had sent to a reply of mine, mostly regard the more old zanzbar photos which you said you can send them to me. I did not hear from you snce then, may kindly please acknowledge this mail to make sure hat we still i contac, please ? Sherrie1035

Date: 27 Jan 2004

Comment 329

You know I'm sitting here in front of my Pc for the last 3 day, trying to gather info on Zanzibar, since I'm flying there next week, but all I found was the tipical tourist sites. I almost gave it up when I happened to get to your site. Now I feel like I'm ready for the trip.... Thanks! Barbara

Date: 26 Jan 2004

Comment 328

No any intellectual person who is interested in real history basis on the facts willot appreciated the pain taking of this website which has contain with so many fact finding materials. I as an individual salute and congratulate Mr. Barghash for such valuable information. A I am also a collector of such historical photos, may I ask you Sir, with your kindness to share some with me, or rather may I have your permission to copy them from your website please ?. Yours, sherrie1035@yahoo.co.uk

Date: 26 Jan 2004

Comment 327

This is one of great valuable information oth n texture and in photos, as a person who enjoyed history of old zanzubar, I found these pages very entertaining. Thank you for your efforts.

Date: 25 Jan 2004

Comment 326

Had a great visit to Zanzibar through the photos on these sites. I was on the original (1960) team that installed and operated the Project Mercury equipment. It was NOT a Radar site, and it did NOT have any Radar equipment. John Adams gorvnto@msn.com

Date: 24 Jan 2004

Comment 325

A wonderful journey into the past which has a very special place in my life and a history I can now pass on to my children. Thank you Naznin

Date: 15 Jan 2004

Comment 324

nimefurahishwa sana kui up grade web site hii kubwa zaidi ni kule kuufungulia umma mkubwa wa wazanzibar mlango wa kuisoma Historia yao kwa lugha ya kiswahili. pili kunamahitajio mengine tena ya kurekebisha version ya kiswahili iyendane na ya English kuhusu uchaguzi ujao 2005 badala 2000 ina furahisha baada ya miaka 40 kupta haya naomba tuwasiliane mabrouq

Date: 13 Jan 2004

Comment 323

A lot of eye opening information Very well recorded

Date: 11 Jan 2004

Comment 322

Excellant work! The site is too good to be true. I only wish, your site becomes well known world wide. My roots is from India, and last century, our great grand father migrated to Africa and the first port they arrived was the exotic Zanzibar. I was born in Tanzania and had the oppurtunity to visit Zanzibar in the late 60's. Truly was a romantic town! I hope that things are better now after all these years! I may want to visit this year - 2004 Abdul Jiwani, Toronto, Canada

Date: 10 Jan 2004

Comment 321

Barghash@msn.com asante sana... This story should be told reproduced in national geographic.... it will reach zanzibaris /east africans all over the globe ..and may be Mars too.

i am a kenyan Indian (jain -gujarati) and my grand father came to east africa. our family roots are still in Zanzibar today and we spent school life in mombasa and value east africa more than ever after coming to USA 3 years ago. it is just great to see east africa was a melting pot of many countries too. GOD willing I will return to where i belong... as Roger Whittaker says in his famous song . '.my land is kenya..'

ashok satyendra dosalal mehta....florida, USA

Date: 05 Jan 2004

Comment 320

It is very interesting, I appriciate the the concept and I thank for those who put efforts for this to appear.

Date: 05 Jan 2004

Comment 319

Dear Barghash, Your web-site was wonderfully created and had so much of information, that as I read on and on, I felt those nostalgic reminiscences of my younger days in Zanzibar as a little boy. I was born in Zanzibar in 1956 and was a student at the Tumekuja HS, then. I cherish every moments that I grew up there and still miss the place so much. I had visited Zanzibar again in 1986, to visit my father, then. My grandfather was Dr.V.G. Rebello, who had a clinic at the market place, my mother was a nursing sister at the hospital, my father, John Britto was a civil servant, then. It would be nice if you could create a web page where any Zanzibaris could input their particulars as a means of keeping in touch. This is small world after all. Keep up with your good works and more updates. Knowledge on Zanzibar never seems to tire me. Best Regards, Robert Britto < bob_britto@hotmail.com >

Date: 04 Jan 2004

Comment 318

??? ????? ????????

Date: 20 Dec 2003

Comment 317

It is excellent. My greeting and good wish to all zanzibari goan, men and women who living in zanzibar and abroad. mohd202003@yahoo.com.

Date: 17 Dec 2003

Comment 316

Barghas how much do want me to pay you for your African slaves? The other day some white person insulted me and said I looked like I was from Africa dose anyone know where I can get surgery so that I can have a nice hooked Arab nose.

Date: 16 Dec 2003

Comment 315

Hi I would like some help to contact any secondary school on the Island Zanzibar. I have looked, and looked on the internet and found nothing. I have heard of a school called Tumekuja Secondary School. Is there any way I can contact this school? all the best! Daniel madhunt@hotmail.com

Date: 13 Dec 2003

Comment 314

I am very impressed with your explanation on the Space Station Zanzibar Project which took place on 1960,but how the Zanzibar Goverment has been benefited with this Project and If is True as you said what makes the present Goverment aware of what of you have shown to us If not them!!! Anywhere, I am original from Zanzibar and I am proud of that and thank you very much to let us know our History though I believe so far no one can!!! Your the Man Keep Up!!! nassorzahran@yahoo.com

Date: 11 Dec 2003

Comment 313

Most impressed with your web site. As the author of a number of books on Zanzibar history one is always finding new and interesting material and your pages do the island justice. Kevin Patience. saburi@hotmail.com

Date: 08 Dec 2003

Comment 312

I am Balu Chauhan Of Farm Machinery of Nakuru and Dar es salaam if any body would to like contact me my E Maril is baluchauhan@yahoo.com Happy Christmas to every one who read this balu.

Date: 04 Dec 2003

Comment 311

Extremely interesting website.Keep up the very good work. I was born in this Paradise.I wish I could be reborn in Zanzibar in my next life if possible. aaron.dias@lineone.net

Date: 04 Dec 2003

Comment 310

I'm portuguese and I wonder why last week I had a dream of a beautifull beach and a word: Zanzibar. Was so clear that I decide to loock for Zanzibar in the map, in the net, asking everyone about it. Yes it's beautiful... filipazul@yahoo.com

Date: 03 Dec 2003

Comment 309

excellent site for anyone wishing to know about ZANGBAR

Date: 03 Dec 2003

Comment 308

this is a wonderful web site i ever seen on my life well i hope to see you barghash when i come to visit zanzibar probably summer i might come and make ma video there please keep in touch beyoncee(destniy child)

Date: 03 Dec 2003

Comment 307

well this is the most usefully website to me atleast its remind me my beatifully island of zanzibar ,keep it up barghash

Date: 11/21/2003

Comment 306

l ma here oooooo

Date: 11/21/2003

Comment 305

this is a really wonderful site. I came looking for dive info and found so much more, Many thanks J

Date: 11/19/2003

Comment 304

Mr B, an excellent portrayal of Zanzibar,please keep up dating it,perhaps you can visit the Zanzibar Archives for more pictures. Best regards, BANIOMAR

Date: 11/18/2003

Comment 303

nzuri sana imran keep it up mate,would love to see a wonderful person like you one day from your well wisher sean paul!!

Date: 11/13/2003

Comment 302

Bargash - my classmate? i wonder - would love to know if it is the same one --amazing job - was so good to see my st. joseph school and the beach at the back--mmm - lots of memories - m trying hard to locate classmate Fazila -germany? ?? Madhu met u if u r the same person- m dying to know ---my email address --shabanua@hotmail.com Again Excellent Job

Date: 11/12/2003

Comment 301


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