Oman and Zanzibar

Some Imagesshowingthe historic Zanzibar - Oman Relationship.

1. The Dhows have always connected Cousins in both lands.

2. Dhows came in many sizes, their lineage is too ancient to determine. They are said to be "older than the faith."

3. The old Sultans honored them. For example, an immense water cistern built for the Sultan's family, in the shape of a Dhow.

4. They came in the hundreds from Oman and from other Arabic regions.

5. During the trading season most of the town participated in this business in some way.

6. Later Traders from other Nations came.

7. So lucrative was this trade that the western merchants named their ships after their trading partners.

8. Oman and Zanzibar leadership began to separate.

9. The Royal family demonstrated continuity.

10. Solidarity

11. Wealth

12. and Leadership.

13. What once was almost an empire... is now just a memory.

14. The beauty of the past.

15. Now brings comfort only to those who remember.

The 1936 Silver Jubilee
Seyyid Khalifa

Only once in its history has Zanzibar had a leader rule for more than 25 years.

There has only been one Zanzibar Silver Jubilee. That of:

Seyyid Khalifa bin Haroub bin Thuweini bin Said bin Sultan.

Two booklets were published to commemorat his 25th year and they give us a glimpse of those times.

If you are interested in viewing these booklets click here:

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